Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Numbered account

Our shower head broke. Then our faucet broke. It's okay, we are handy and have a wonderful and working shower now. This episode however involved a trip to a certain house goods store. We thought we'd just pick up some cheap replacements at the grocery store but instead we were directed to this place. A man greeted us at the door to take our bags, then a woman secretary directed us to what can only be described as the concierge. We wandered back through the neat and shiny displays of gilded door knobs so that we could tell the fleet of employees what we would like. We were directed downstairs to look at the shower fixtures, many of them designer. Once we had chosen our shower head (the cheapest one they had) we were directed to a second concierge desk where they wrote us a receipt to be taken to the first concierge desk where a man would bring our newly purchased product to us. After the pomp and circumstance we collected our bags from the bag check and walked through the door that was held open for us. My theory: Swiss bank disguised as a housewares store...

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  1. No, just a slightly above-average store in the Arab world. It's quite amazing, we in the West often believe that services we're getting are superior... but no, in Pakistan you don't even have to leave your car at the gas station and in a matter of minutes your tank is full, your tyres are checked, your windshield is clean. You just stick your hand with some cash (definitely normal price!) through the window, that's all you have to do. I could go on... but I think I've made my point. Enjoy it Erica, you won't have this at home! :-)