Saturday, August 14, 2010

Freedom from the Known

I made it! I am now in Cairo, currently sitting in my new apartment listening to the comforting hum of the air conditioner. The trip was suspiciously smooth. It was strange to wake from my airplane slumber and remind myself where I was and what I was doing. I have a plan of course. Go to Cairo, teach English, earn money. But a lot of what scares and excites is the freedom from the known. This is also coincidentally the title of the next book I'll read (thanks Mom). Egypt is it's usual charming self, full of quirks. For example the greeting posted at the airport states that customs will "almost facilitate you." Well at least they're honest. So there is lots to set up still (bank accounts, arabic lessons, etc) but for now we are relaxing until dinner. It is Ramadan so the city comes alive at night, making it a good time to venture out and find some food. It's good to see my friend and now roommate Sarah again, she leads an amazing life and with any luck I might be able to emulate some of that this year. I've got a few more days of vacation until teacher training starts and the real work begins. Ramadan Karim, and over and out for now.

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