Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Mandell Group

The job search is an interesting process. It inspires a good amount of humility, most likely too much frustration and creative if not shameless interactions with those who can help. While the typical day on the job hunt can range from daydreams of a corporate corner office to threats of retirement at age 23, if nothing else it forces self-reflection. What am I interested in? Luckily, I have an answer, arriving at one can be a journey in itself. Me, my passion is security policy. While growing in popularity, this statement usually elicits some head tilts. I'll do my best to define it (as I see it) here. Security policy is not a unique field, rather it is a framework or perspective in which to view many of the challenges we are faced with today. In order to make a decision about what policy will make the nation safer, it is important to weigh the economic, environmental, political, social, and military implications of both the problem and the solution. I like to tell people that despite the rhetoric there is a good amount of idealism involved. A world free of nuclear arms is not outside the scope of security studies. Much of the recommendations made within this framework are instantly credible due to their national security guise. It's one thing for a left-of-liberal advocacy group to recommend we end our addiction to foreign oil. It's quite another when military officials recommend the same thing due to security concerns. I enjoy the comprehensive nature of the discipline, because after all, though we all pick separate majors in school, in reality issues cannot be classified into single categories. Ultimately my goal is to advocate for (and maybe one day create) policies that would make the world a safer, better place to live. That's what I'm interested in.
Now no one has snatched me off the job market as of yet. Though my search continues in earnest, I would prefer not to wait to get started. I will be developing a website where I can publish some freelance analysis, and hope to have others with similar interests contribute as well. Until I get more content on the site however, I will be sharing my thoughts here. The issues of the day are too interesting and too important to wait for someone to finally pick me. Though if any future employers are reading this, please, pick me.


  1. I've had a few questions about the title of this post. The Mandell Group is what I would name my company if I ever owned one. Ideally this would include modern, Swedish design offices, staff, events, and funding. For now however, the dream will reside within my humble yet ambitious website.

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