Sunday, December 5, 2010

I learned a latke

In the interest of keeping traditions alive, I decided to make homemade latkes. It turns out that making latkes is a lot like living life, in that some of the lessons learned along the way are awfully similar. You see latke making is all about learning from your mistakes, internalizing the lessons, and adapting to become more successful. In the beginning you are sure you have all the answers. Then you encounter some bumps along the way (gah they won't stick together!), then by the end (sometimes too late) you learn the secret (more egg than you think.) In the end you reflect back on the experience wishing you knew in the beginning what you know now. You accept of course that the process was something you had to go through, and that you are ultimately a stronger, wiser person for it.

Happy Hannukah all.

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